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The National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors & Thermographers™ is the premier trade association providing opportunities in training and resources for Building Inspection & Thermal Imaging Professionals across North America.
NACBI is unique and can play an important role in assisting members to achieve their goals and strengthen their business and individual growth. Membership means access to NACBI’s networking community of internationally recognized successful inspectors and thermographers. When excellence and growth matters, then membership in NACBI is your key to success. Once a member, you will be joining the ranks of some of the most successful, experienced, and professional inspectors in North America – and helping to make NACBI even stronger.

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Started with thirteen colleagues and selectively nurtured to over 100 members strong and growing!
NACBI members truly represent the best of the inspection industry!

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NACBI is all about learning. That’s why our members stay abreast of industry news, advanced education topics, and leading industry standards.
While other associations focus on marketing gimmicks to pander inexperienced inspectors onto unsuspecting clients, NACBI focuses on creating a SOLID network of skilled and experienced inspectors whose clients can feel confident they’ve hired the best.

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Topics covering everything from creating successful job proposals to conducting a property condition assessment, to completing the property condition report.
NACBI goes well beyond most other association’s minimal training and equipment recommendations.
We’ve partnered with some of the best in the industry including Infraspection Institute and some of our own Level II & III members to provide quality education and guidance for our members who offer infrared thermal imaging services.
Building science is an ever so important subject for commercial inspectors and thermographers. We provide the resources to help our members be the best in the field.
Business growth is important for any entrepreneur. Learn from our senior member’s cumulative experience. Our tips and guidance provide more than mere marketing gimmicks. They provide a solid foundation to build your commercial inspection business to its full potential.
Environmental site assessments, ADA compliance inspections, specialty thermography services, and much more. Discover what you should know as a generalist and how to hire the licensed professionals when needed.
Our member’s safety is top priority. We provide the educational resources for our inspectors to be safe in their daily inspection activities.

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Member Spotlight.

Member Spotlight

Dale Duffy

Dale is the Founder and President of the National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors and Thermographers™. Mr. Duffy has been inspecting commercial buildings since 1984. Clients and peers alike consider Dale as the renowned leader and expert in Commercial Building Assessments (PCA), Roof installations, Structural components, Exterior building envelope cladding, three phase power distribution equipment, and various other commercial related qualifications.

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NACBI provides our public guests with consumer resources and a member directory to easily locate a qualified NACBI member near you.

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